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How to assign a Reseller or Master Reseller User?

This guide will show you how to assign Master Reseller privileges to a Web hosting package you have created within DirectAdmin. If you need help on how to create a web hosting package then please follow this guide here, as this guide assumes you have a Web hosting package already created.

We start of by logging into DirectAdmin with the information supplied to you from your setup email and then click on the Menu Tab on the left.


Then click on the Reseller tab on top of the menu and navigate to Extras > DAReseller

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Once you’re in DAReseller click on the tools tab and your packages will be listed on the right under active packages.

enter image description here

From here you can change your web hosting package privileges from standard user, Reseller or to Master by selecting the correct privileges under the type row under your web hosting package and then clicking the blue save button.

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Thats it! you have successfully assigned your Web hosting package to be a Master Reseller or Reseller Package, now users created with these packages will automatically get these privileges

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