Through multiple requests from our customers, we have added a Two Factor Authentication for our customers. This app protects your account against others with a code. If someone has tried to hack your account and your login details, the user cannot continue unless you provide the code to the user. Otherwise the user cannot do anything with your account. To get this code you first have to activate this when securing your account. Make sure you install an app to that (DUO Mobile / or another) to activate the code. Save this code very well to be able to log in with it. DUO Generates a new code every 30 seconds. This is good security.


How do I activate this?

1.) Login to your customer panel

2.) Go to "My Account"

3.) Click on "Security Settings"

4.) Activate "Two-factor authentication"


If you have enabled it you will see "Two-factor authentication is currently enabled". If you see this, your account is now protected. You will see a QR code. You must scan this with your mobile phone / tablet.


Which app is recommended?

We recommend using DUO Mobile.

Friday, January 10, 2020