Dear HostLease Members,

We have since yesterday launched a brand new shared / reseller server and we are happy to let you know because this is not just a simple server but we have switched from Intel Xeon to Dual Xeon Processors which is a big step for us. It is also possible to use the new SSD drives in the new US servers, so our new servers have different RAM memory. Our old server had a RAM memory of 8GB and our new server has a RAM memory of 48GB and 64GB. This is a major switch from the easier server to a major improvement in our service and we hope to improve our service by offering these new servers. If you already use our paid services and would like to switch to our new servers, please send a card to our "Support Department" and we will transfer your account for you free of charge. We will not change our prices, we will keep and always offering affordable hosting quality.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

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