Changelog of January 2021!

Dear HostLease / ClientHL customers,   Now that we are developing and can put more and more things in place, we recently started using LiteSpeed, DA Reseller, ClaimAV and the automatic Hello World wordpress function without having to continue an installation. Also in 2021 we will add new plugins under which the following changes will take ... לקריאה נוספת »

30 ינואר 2021
Changes in Hostlease/clienthl

Now that we are using DirectAdmin, we have now also installed ClamAV, with this you can scan the website for viruses, malware or harmful files. more plugins are coming only unknown when.

22 ינואר 2021
UNLIMITED GB's on the 5GO subscriptions.

HostLease has now also introduced unlimited reseller hosting. As of today, the new reseller subscriptions offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth with limited cPanel accounts. This makes it a lot more attractive for the consumer to order a hosting package. Certainly if a company does not offer unlimited hosting. The limit actually always applies ... לקריאה נוספת »

3 מרץ 2020
Inflation correction

Prices in the Netherlands rise every year. This is called price inflation. This price inflation also has an effect on our costs. That is why we increase the fixed monthly costs of most subscriptions every year. For this we use the inflation rate set by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Increasing costs as a result of price inflation is what ... לקריאה נוספת »

13 ינואר 2020