High Quality Dedicated Servers in The Netherlands. High Specifications for great value of money. Perfect for your mission critical Business. Premium Hardware by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Serving you only with the best together with our own Network AS208046. All include Free complimentary 100Gbps Layer3/4 DDoS Protection. Network Equipment consists of market-leading Juniper and Cisco.

Package CPU Processors Cores/Threads RAM SSD Port/Bandwidth Price  
9GDedicated Servers for small companies Intel Xeon E5-2643 4cores, 8 threads @3,30Ghz 8GB DDR3 ECC 480GB SSD with RAID Hardware 1Gbps at 10TB €51.35/Monthly Order Now
9G+Dedicated Server for medium companies Intel Xeon Hexa Core E5-2640 V1 6cores, 12 threads @2,40Ghz 16GB DDR3 ECC 2x 480GB SSD with RAID Hardware 1Gbps at 15TB €71.89/Monthly Order Now
9G+ ProDedicated Server for huge companies Intel Xeon Hexa Core E5-2640 V2 8cores, 16 threads @2,60Ghz 32GB DDR3 ECC 2x 1TB SSD with RAID Hardware 1Gbps at 20TB €102.70/Monthly Order Now
9G+ UltraDedicated Servers for ultra high rollers! 2x Intel Xeon Deca Core E5-2650 V2 16cores, 32 threads @2,60Ghz 64GB DDR3 ECC 2x 1TB SSD with RAID Hardware 1Gbps at 25TB €123.24/Monthly Order Now
9G+ UltimateDedicated Servers for the biggest companies in world 2x Intel Xeon Deca Core E5-2650 V2 6cores, 32 threads @2,60Ghz 128GB DDR3 ECC 2x 1TB SSD with RAID Hardware 1Gbps at 35TB €153.02/Monthly Order Now

Our hosting features

Control panel

Control panel

All of our web hosting plans come with Synergycp.

All about Synergycp

With Synergycp you can easily manage every aspect of your Dedicated Server(s).

Synergycp features

Synergycp allows you to easily:

  • Manage your website files with its browser based Synergycp (e.g upload, delete, edit files)
  • Create/delete VPS Products
  • Install/remove IP Addresses, software programs and other files
  • Create/manage/delete privileges
  • Manage account backups
  • View your account statistics (visitors to your website, their country/computer specs etc)

Script installer

Script installer

All of our web hosting plans come with Softaculous script installer.

All about Softaculous

Softaculous is a application built into DirectAdmin that allows you to easily install from over 150 free scripts/software. Software includes Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB, Magento, Prestashop and many more. No matter which type of website you're looking to build we provide access to software that'll make it easier to create and manage your website/blog/forum/online store!

Popular Softaculous scripts

  • eCommerce - Magento, Presta Shop, WHMCS
  • CMS - Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Forum - MyBB, phpBB



All of our web hosting packages come with LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed is up to 9 times faster than Apache (standard web server setup). LiteSpeed fully supports everything that Apache uses such as .htaccess and mod_rewrite so if your website loads quickly on an Apache server it will be even faster on our servers!

Why LiteSpeed?

  • Processes PHP 50% faster, wow! - (Wordpress which is the most popular software uses PHP)
  • 3 times faster than SSL Apache hosting!

Why choose Clienthl Area EU?

Own Network located in Netherlands (EU)

We aren`t just Resellers. We own all Hardware and also our own Network in The Netherlands - AS208046.

RAID Disks Only

WOn all of our services, we only utilize the fastest and safest disks available. To ensure your data is safe, all of our drives are in a RAID 1/10 configuration.


Performance is our top priority! We ensure that you receive the best performance possible, through our blazing fast network and high performance server hardware

Anti-DDoS Protection

We utilize Corero SmartWall DDoS Protection to be able to mitigate up to 100Gbps of malicious traffic, guaranteeing your service to be online always!


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